Workplace Legal Framework

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The Legal Framework for Workplace Safety and Health:

It is vital to have a safety program in the workplace and a prevention in the work-related accidents and the concerns of for social consequences, which has led the federal government to set forth legislation to regulate to prevent the work-related issues. Several like “Occupational Safety and Health Act,” the “Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act, are another two that play a major ingredient in the occupational fields. These rules have identified human resource and supervisors to be up to par with specific topics that pose federal and state regulations for organizations.

The Occupational Safety and Health of 1970:

The most important being
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In summation, the courts have can also hold the company liable to the victims under the theory of negligent hiring, retention, and referrals. Within these scopes, the courts have demonstrated that their duties, that the employer owes its employees, clients, providers, and others who meet its employees.

The employer can be apt for the deeds of violence perpetrated by current or previous employees. For “negligent hiring” if it flushes it to verify references or employment gaps, which could indicate the applicant who had spent time in prison? Furthermore, “negligent retention” if it is aware that the employee has dangerous, or even a violent tendencies nonetheless takes no action to reclassify or discharge the employee. Alternatively, “negligent referral for terminating an employee for violent behavior and then failing to disclose the violent behavior to prospective employers during a background check, or providing a positive letter of recommendation to the
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Moreover, opening the necessary communication channels of communications to achieve the prevention objectives. We cannot allow conflicts to escalate into the harassment or acts of violence. Further monitoring the preparation of work teams, and highlighting interpersonal relations and may yield a salary increase to some situations that could cause stress among the great unwashed. Dealing with conflicts swiftly, and from the minute they start.

Also, setting up the effective lines of communication, and open active lines of communication, because aggressors thrive on the silence of victims. Moreover, witnesses and collaborating will be the key factor in the well-being of employees. Likewise, promoting announcement and regular meetings of your work teams and with strong lines of communication will not only rally workers against violence by defusing tensions and clarifying situations and
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