Workplace Mediation : An Alternative Method For Resolving Individual Workplace

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Workplace mediation is attracting increased attention from practitioners and policymakers as an alternative rights-based disciplinary. The profile of mediation as an alternative method for resolving individual workplace disputes has boosted in recent years and the use of workplace mediation has increased in Europe and other countries including Australia. This is a result of dissatisfaction with traditional rights based disputes procedures and the cost of litigation regarding employment issues.

Workplace bullying
Workplace bullying is common and it is also illegal. Workplace bullying is often described as a behavior that is directed towards an employee or group of employees that is repeated and unwelcome and that a reasonable person having regard to all circumstances would consider being offensive and intimidating. However a conflict is not regarded at workplace bullying if it occurs one time.
The Fair Work Act has the last couples of years provided workers with a way to stop bullying at job. Nerveless has “workers“ a really broad definition in the Act and it covers contractors, out workers and permanent and fixed term contract employees and apprentices. The Act provided that if an investigation of workplace bullying is not substantiated mediation might be needed. The Act can therefor be seen as and encouragement to use mediation as a tool to tackle allegation of workplace bullying. However it is important that the mediator assists the parties and helps them understand
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