Workplace Mediation

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Unit 1
AO1 Describe the causes and effects of workplace conflicts

Conflict is an inevitable and is part of business life, where there are people there will always be conflict, not all conflict is negative. Some workplace conflict s healthy and if viewed positively, however where unhealthy conflict is present it has a potential risk to cause the company serious problems Workplace conflict can be in many forms from serious flare-ups to less obvious, but less destructive forms of negativity. Workplace conflict can be caused by personality clashes or style differences and personal. Workplace factors such as poor leadership, poor management, unfair treatment, poor communication, budgets, discrimination, Unrealistic work expectations
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Low trust can paralyze the business because conflict situations are addressed with ridicule, anger, or silence and results in fear of conflict, and lack of commitment. In the same company the MD promised staff things but would never carry them out, this made staff frustrated and they did not trust anything he said and this generated a very poor work environment. Under performance can create more conflict, have a major effective on the business strategy, productivity, morale of other team members. Resulting in failure to pass on information or act on information received, withdrawal or non-communicative behaviour, aggressiveness towards others, lengthy absences from the work area, excessive or unexplained absenteeism, unusually delayed completion of work. In my experience under performance is generally down to poor management or the style of the manager. Covert sabotage is deliberate damage to work processes and of management 's efforts and usually occurs when employees are angry at their employer but it can be directed at fellow employee especially when conflict exists. A good example of this was when I was an apprentice on of my colleagues had the lock of his tool cabinet filled with glue which meant he could not unlock it and get his tools out to start work. It later came to light that this was done by one of his colleagues because he was always getting the best jobs and he was the foreman’s favourite. Low morale has a destructive effect on performance,
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