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Workplace Policy Review

Workplace policies and procedures should be up-to-date and consistent, that may be a primary objective for several HR audits. Annual reviews of employee handbooks, customary in operation procedures and work postings guarantee employers’ rules are per labor and employment laws. This additionally provides employers a chance to see whether or not all workers are tuned in to policies that have an effect on the employment relationship.

HR Processes

Auditing human resources processes reveals whether or not an organization is working in as economical a way as attainable. Human resources employee’s qualifications and experience are usually a part of an audit to assess the strength and capabilities of the department. The
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In the perspective of the IT Sector, the objectives would be –
• To identify the HR audit process in Indian IT sector
• To measure the need and importance of HR audit in Indian IT sector
• To analyze the effectiveness of HR audit process in Indian IT sector
• To recommend the ways to improve the HR audit process in Indian IT sector
The scope defines the breadth of the HR audit. This step determines the individual areas for review and provides a suggestion for the group or business conducting the audit. This might comprise requiring a review of HR compliance with federal and state laws, the human resource info systems, the department 's service and management roles additionally as any strategic HR programs in place for company personnel.
HR Audit answers the subsequent questions:
 How effective is your organization at increasing the contribution of your human capital?
 Why is one or more of your organization’s strategic initiatives languishing?
 What steps are you able to take nowadays, using existing internal resources, to enhance your organizations performance and ROI?
 Do you have a HR system that meets your company’s requirements, both currently and into the predictable future?
 Are your employees satisfied with their compensation and benefits plan, training opportunities, and work environment?

HR Audit entail
1) Legal compliance
2) Compensation/Salary Administration
3) Employment/Recruiting
4) Orientation
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