Workplace Problems Of The United States Workforce

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Alyssa Bursott Dr. Stephanie Spars SOC 150 - Social Problems April 27, 2016 Workplace Problems The United States workforce is viewed by many as a beautiful system. Foreigners see happy workers eagerly performing their duties, waiting for a generous paycheck to bring back to their middle-class family. In reality, this perfect picture is rarely demonstrated with employees in America. Professionals and managers may have a luxurious work experience, but most white- and blue-collar workers deal with many issues from their employers. These issues create problems that affect the individual workers. Controlling employees poses an issue for many workers. Employers deem control necessary in order to prevent issues from developing within the company. They use four main tactics to enforce control. First, scientific management increases production quantity. Founded by Frederick Taylor, this method specializes tasks for low-status workers and creates repetitious work (Eitzen 353). Hierarchal control is also used to control employees. A pyramid effect occurs in the workplace, with the wealth and power resting with few, and leaving a majority working under command of these individuals. This chain of command gives hope for advancement, whether it be a raise or a promotion. Another way that employers control their workers is through technology. Companies often have specialized departments within the job that are designed specifically to monitor phone calls, emails, and website usage. Using
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