Workplace Psychology and Cultures: A Case Study

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The workplace is becoming more and more of a complex organism as new cultures continue to intermix with one another and forming a melting pot that has been traditional in society for its history. The purpose of this essay is to highlight and describe the role management should play in workplace psychology. This will be accomplished by using the case study example of Ms. Nakamura who has been feeling uncomfortable at work due to her insecurities taking feedback. This essay will also include motivation techniques that can help remedy instances seen in this case study. Workplaces are all different and contained within them are individual and unique cultural sects that are a reflection of that organization's mission, attitudes and composition. In seeking general approaches to problems as seen in Ms. Nakamura's must include and respect the freedom of each organization to maintain and operate their organization to how it best sees fit. Management will always, and should always, have discretion who works and how they work in a private organization that employees people voluntarily. Arnold et al (2009) suggested that " work psychology concerns both the interaction between an individual and their work, and the relationships between people in the work setting. This includes staff selection, training, vocational guidance, management development, ergonomics, organizational development, equal opportunities and job redesign among other things. " This is quite a large concentration of
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