Workplace Safety Policy And Procedure

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MCR WORKPLACE SAFETY POLICY AND PROCEDURE BY: HANNAH RILEY Our organization is growing and we are receiving new employees. It has come to my attention that our previous safety policy and procedure seem to be outdated. This paper is to provide all employers and fellow employees information of the policy. There will be many different topics discussed. Please pay close attention to these policies because they are important. TABLE OF CONTENTS Hazards pg. 2 Health pg. 3 Violence pg. 4 Disaster pg. 5 and pg. 6 Responding to a Medical Emergency pg. 7 HAZARDS There are several safety hazards that can occur at the workplace. It may include loose railings, ungrounded electrical outlets, high hot-water temperature settings, blocked hallways and doorways, and poorly maintained equipment. If you see a safety hazard, please report it to a supervisor. FIRES A fire is one of the most common safety hazards. These are the following actions everyone should take to prevent a fire from occurring and what to do if one occurs. o Take steps to prevent and reduce the impact of fire on the workplace and carry out a fire risk assessment of the workplace. o Identify the significant findings of the risk assessment and the details of anyone who might be especially at risk in case of fire (these must be recorded if more than five employees). o Provide and maintain fire precautions necessary to safeguard anyone using the workplace (including visitors). o Provide information, instruction and
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