Workplace Simulations

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One example of a knowledge test used in the workplace is work samples. Simulations are a type of work sample in which the same or similar task(s) as those performed in actual work are imitated (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology [SIOP], 2017). Simulations may be very close to the actual work, such as tasks conducted in an aircraft cockpit, or they may more general such as management exercises. Work samples can measure job knowledge, but may vary in the overall complexity of the tasks, depending on a number of factors such as time, cost, and the job being considered. Commonly, measurement of work samples and simulations is based on a job analysis, and links the tasks with the knowledge needed (Scott & Reynolds, 2010). Work samples have numerous strengths, which include a high validity in regards to job ability, reduced business costs, and relatively low disparate impact (SIOP, 2017). In addition, individuals…show more content…
Work samples are less likely to have scores which differ significantly based on gender or race, and have less of a chance of being influence due to faking or impression management (SIOP, 2017). This indicates less possibility of ethical issues coming into play in regards to work samples and simulations. Also, since the work being tested is either similar or identical to the work an individual is expected to perform for an actual job, there may be a lower likelihood of legal issues occurring. Information gathered from these types of tests would be able to be directly related and applied to jobs within an organization. For example, if a candidate was required to repair a circuit board as part of a work sample, and part of the job in the organization is repairing a circuit board, then how well a candidate does would provide the organization with a way to predict future
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