Workplace Stress Among The Employee

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Workplace Stress among the Employee in Insurance sector: A study 1. Introduction Stress is a part of daily living. It is an adaptive response. Stress occurs at the workplace when there is a mismatch between the expectations of the employee and demand of the employer. Stress basically reduces a person’s ability to perform and think differently which is bad for every firm. Many researches have been done which concluded that stressed out managers are not good for the organization. From the individual’s point of view stress is our body’s physical, mental and chemical reactions to the circumstances that confuse, endanger or irritate us. If this stress is controlled, it becomes a friend which give strength to us but if handled poorly it becomes an enemy which can cause many diseases like blood pressure, asthma, thyroid, ulcer etc. Stress is the output of modern lifestyles. There can be basically 3 levels of stress- If the stress is at the optimum level-Individual will perform well to his full capacity. If it is more than the optimum level-Negative response, individual can suffer from health problems. If it is less than the optimum level-Individual gets bored from his work, which reduces his efficiency. Stress can have positive as well as negative effects. If the individual can manage the stress then it will have a positive effect as it will help
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