Workplace Stress In The Workplace

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Nowadays workplace stress is a major concern for several organisations. According to surveys from the American institute of stress (2017), 80% of the workers experience distress at work and half of them prefer to learn to manage stress. In general, job stress is a common issue, which does not only affect organisations but also workers. Noted by Stranks (2005), stress can arise from various sources, including low ambiguity and personal conflicts which are likely to contribute to the inefficiency of organisations and workers, namely, increasing absenteeism or low performances in employees. The essay will primarily discuss the problems and solutions of stress for organisations and individuals, respectively. Subsequently, it will compare the solutions for both sides of view. Thus, this essay will seek the most effective techniques to combat workplace stress at both organisation and individual levels by comparing several alternatives of stress management

Unquestionably, modern businesses have become more complex as compared to the past. Such complexity contributes to high pressure at work and Fontana (1997) states that workplace stress can come from several reasons, such as role conflict, frequent clashes with colleagues or superiors and inadequate training. Consequently, these causes might generate detrimental effects to organisations. Referring to EU-OSHA (2017), the negative effects include the loss of productivity, the increase in absenteeism and other health-related costs.

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