Workplace Substance Abuse

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I do not think that there is a precedent for this issue. I see drug use in the workplace as being a distinct issue. It is of sufficient severity to merit its own status in negotiations with unions and to have its own policies. The outcomes are severe amputation, major lawsuits and they need to be dealt with, without leaning on some obscure past precedent as a crutch. Around 75% of all illicit drug users are employed (NIDA, 2008) and that makes this a serious issue for the company, since there is near-certainty that drug use occurs among members of the workforce. A new policy needs to be created here. There are long-term ramifications of the decision, which is precisely why a new policy needs to be created. The process should be governed by the good of the long-term future, since the problem has the potential to be so significant. Any individual affected now is not relevant, since this policy needs to be established company-wide. Cost to the company is definitely a factor, but we are also committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of our workers. Knowing that between 10-20% of workers who die on the job test positive for drugs and alcohol makes this a serious issue (OSHA, 2011). How the company handles this decision is going to affect all departments. In this case, the objective is to set company-wide policy. The decision might have consequences outside the company. A negotiation with this union to get a drug-testing program could open the door for
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