Workplace Violence : A Good Peacemaker At Work Essay

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It seems to be happening more often in today 's society, workplace violence. A disgruntled employee takes out their vengeance on co-workers or a company that has done them wrong. These attacks can included many things, often times though this means causing physical harm to someone else at the workplace. Looking around the Internet, there are many stories about workplace violence happenings all over the world. This paper will focus on two different cases of workplace violence. It will explain what happened in both cases and then it will give advice to the reader about what could be done to prevent the violence from occurring. Matthew 5:9 gives us insight into the importance of being peacemakers in our lives, “blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (New Revised Standard Version). It is the goal of this paper to give the reader considerations for helping to prevent workplace violence and become a better peacemaker at work. Patrick Henry Sherrill In 1986 former US Marine and Air National Guardsman, Patrick Henry Sherrill worked as a postal worker for more than a year and half. During that time, Sherrill was dealt with several times by managers about “misdirected mail”(Lamar Jr., 2001) and his constant tardiness. Eventually Sherrill had enough of the constant conversations with managers, and contacted the American Postal Service Union to file a complaint about, what he felt, was harassment by his managers. Before that complaint could be looked

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