Workplace Violence And The Workplace

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Have you ever been physically assaulted or even threatened at a place of business you have worked at? If you didn’t know this is a crime and you could be charged with workplace violence. Workplace violence is any act of physical abuse or threats made in the workplace of any sort to any employee or multiple employees. It can take place anywhere around the workplace and has become a very big concern around the country. According to research, there are 2 million cases a year involving workplace violence. Many people are becoming victims of this and you should be aware when it comes your way in any form. The main people who are targeted in this are mostly workers who exchange money with the public, correctional officers, teachers, and healthcare employees. To begin with, workplace violence is big in the work field of those who exchange money with the public. For example, fast food restaurants, retail employee, and gas station employees. There is workplace violence here because these employees have direct contact with the public and exchange money with them as well. Research shows that this is one of the top fields that endures workplace violence because, for the biggest reason, they do not have a limit on the amount of cash there employees have access to which makes a big case of robbery. In our society now, communities are looking for ways to find quick cash because there are not enough jobs to go around, due to the lack of money the government gives out for businesses. This
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