Workplace Violence And The Workplace

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Workplace violence definition OSHA Fact Sheet (2012) states “ workplace violence is a violence or the threat of violence against workers” (p.1). Workplace violence causes serious harm to employees or homicide that can lead to deaths. Act in any kind of shapes and forms such as: physical threat, threatening behavior, intention of assault and battery, verbal abuse, beating, stabbing, rape, shooting, being followed, psychological trauma, suicide, treat or obscene phone call/text, intimidation. Workplace violence can happen to anyone, anywhere at or outside the workplace location either during from/to work or from/to client’s traveling temporary or permanent where any work-related duty performances. It is not limited to just employees, but also customers, clients, and invitees. Workplace violence is one of the most concerns for not just employers, but worldwide workers. Who is at risk? Nearly 2 million records of American workers have been victims of workplace violation each year. However, many more cases go unreported. The truth is, workplace violence can strike anytime, anywhere, and no one is immune. Workplace violence categories are violence by strangers, co-workers, personal relations, and by customers or clients. Some workers, notwithstanding, are at increased risk at certain worksites. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries that there are a total of 4,405 fatal work injuries in 2013, 4,628 fatal work injuries in 2012.
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