Workplace Violence

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WORKPLACE VIOLENCE: A FORCE OF OVERALL CONCERN Adell Newman-Lee Criminology-CJ102-D04 December 3, 2003 THESIS: WORKPLACE AS IT RELATES TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE I INTRODUCTION: • Crime and violence • Workplace violence a major concern • The three entities involved II STATISTICS • The Bureau of Justice Statistics • Statistics from 1992 to 1996 • National Crime Victimization Survey and The Bureau of Labor Statistic III WORKPLACE VIOLENCE A LAW ENFORCEMENT ISSUE • Responsibility of Law Enforcement • The impact and ramification • The direction of Law Enforcement IV WORKPLACE VIOLENCE A CORRECTIONAL ISSUE • Correctional facilities a breathing ground for violence • Domestic violence to workplace violence • Introduction of a new program V…show more content…
And depending on the location, nature, and scope of the workplace violence, parties of concern can develop means to cope with, reduce, or eliminate workplace violence. It is also worthy to note, that the entities involved will determine the extent of any programs developed to combat the matter. For example, law enforcement agencies with reliable and extensive resources may develop a more comprehensive program, than a small private corporation, or a sole proprietor of a small company. Needless to say, the statistics will conclude an overall picture, and the basis to which one can draw upon some course of action. Statistics are available, and necessary to give the proper attention and directions for a force (workplace violence) that may divert, during the duration of the impact. WORKPLACE VIOLENCE A LAW ENFORCEMENT ISSUE Workplace violence such as rape, robbery, assault, and murder are without a doubt the

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