Workplace Violence

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A major component of any workplace violence program is prevention. Program development and union involvement, are important parts of a workplace violence prevention program in government. There are specific measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of violent behavior.
The first question many people ask when starting to develop a workplace violence prevention program is, "how can we identify potentially violent individuals?" It is understandable that people want to know this -- and that "early warning signs" and "profiles" of potentially violent employees are in much of the literature on the subject of workplace violence. It would save time and solve problems if managers could figure out ahead of time what behaviors and personality
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The same approaches that create a healthy, productive workplace can also help prevent potentially violent situations. It is important that supervisory training include basic leadership skills such as setting clear standards, addressing employee problems promptly, and using the probationary period, performance counseling, discipline, and other management tools conscientiously. These interventions can keep difficult situations from turning into major problems. Supervisors don't need to be experts on violent behavior; what is needed is a willingness to seek advice from the experts.
Pre-employment screening is an important part of workplace violence prevention. Prior to hiring an employee, the agency should check with its servicing personnel office and legal office, if necessary, to determine what pre-employment screening techniques (such as interview questions, background and reference checks, and drug testing) are appropriate for the position under consideration and are consistent with Federal laws and regulations.
Maintaining a physically safe work place is part of any good prevention program. Agency facilities use a variety of security measures to help ensure safety. These include:
· Employee photo identification badges;
· On-site guard services and/ or individually coded card keys for access to buildings and areas within buildings according to individual needs;

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