Workplace Violence Paper

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This paper will discuss workplace policy on violence, policy analysis, and interview to a DNP prepared nurse on workplace violence. Organizational stressor is one of the many factors that can contribute to workplace violence. This factors include, inadequate staffing, emotional exhaustion, long working hours, or lateral violence. According to Raynolds, Kelly, & Singh-Carson, 2014) lateral violence is the act that transpires between peers or nurse-to-nurse where verbal abuse, aggression, incivility, or bullying occurs. Health care settings should be places that perpetuate tranquility, respectful and collaborative environment. Hence, a work place where the environment is positive and safe denotes that the principle of non-maleficence exists (Morrison, 2011). Given to this, the writer conducted an interview with a professional colleague; Doctor Sarah Oba to get her opinion pertaining to work place violence against nurses and…show more content…
The acts violence can be overt or covert verbal and or non-verbal aggression. Such act includes behaviors like gossiping, withholding information and ostracism, which are referred to relational aggression or psychological abuse. These behaviors can also extend outside the workplace and can occur in person or in cyberspace (Walrafen, Brewer, & Mulvenon, 2012). According to King-Jones (2011), the origin of lateral violence is related to the oppressed group model that supported that nurses are powerless and oppressed group. Hence, they react by over-powering other Violence in the workplace is a national concern that affects all profession, especially the nursing profession. It is a known fact that violence brings unsafe environment that has detrimental effects to the individual nurses as well and their patients (Chipps, stelmaschuk, Albert, Bernhard, & Holloman,
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