Works of Wafaa Bilal

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Wafaa Bilal can be considered a rebel of sorts who would have been considered too radical in his home country Iraq for his extraordinary artwork depicting violence suffered by his countrymen. What sets his work apart from any other commentary on US led wars in the Middle East is the sheer blending of virtual and real that his artwork offer. Through various video installations, he offers his viewers a chance to become more actively involved in art. He has been able to invoke serious response in connection with his radical way of presenting his work because there is something excessively personal about viewing artwork where artist offers his body to make a point. In his work Domestic Tension for example, Bilal offered viewers a chance to communicate with him online through chat and also virtually shoot him. This was done to depict the pain and suffering of his people who have been confined to life of confusion and terror and who are being killed senselessly. Another important example of his work is " 再nd Counting" where the artist again turn his own body into a canvas by showing a map of Iraq with numerous red dots which are visible to everyone but there are also invisible dots that can only be seen under special light. These dots depict the number of Iraqi casualties that go unnoticed while red dots depict American casualties that everyone can see. This clearly shows the suffering of Iraqi men and women and the biased treated accorded to these casualties by US media. In a
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