Worksheet: Configuring IIS7

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Lab 3-1 70-643 worksheet Configuring IIS7

This lab contains the following exercises:
Exercise 3-1-1 Installing the Web Server (IIS) Role
Exercise 3-1-2 Configuring IP Address Restrictions
Exercise 3-1-3 Configuring Anonymous Authentication
Exercise 3-1-4 Using Basic and Windows Authentication
Exercise 3-1-5 Configuring SSL
Lab Review: Questions
Lab Challenge: Building a Secure Website

Estimated lab time: 80 minutes
The classroom network consists of Windows Server 2008 student server A and B a connected to via an internal local area network. NT2670Srv##A the domain controller for the domain, is running Windows Server 2008. Throughout the labs in this manual, you will install, configure, maintain, and
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Completion time
15 minutes

Question 11
What authentication methods are provided in the default IIS7 configuration?

Question 12
What anonymous user identity is IIS7 currently using?
User specific IUSR

Question 13
What happens? Explain your results.
HTTP Error 401.2 Unauthorized detailed web page is shown. Because we Disabled the IUSR180 authorized user

17. Press Ctrl+Prt Scr to take a screen shot of the Internet Explorer window. Press Ctrl+V to paste the image on the page provided in the lab3_1_worksheet file.

Question 14
What happens? Explain your results.
IIS7 splash screen is not available again because we enabled the IUSR180 account and restarted the default web site.

Exercise 3-1-4
Using Basic and Windows Authentication
In this exercise, install the Basic and Windows Authentication modules, and configure an IIS7 Web site to use them.
Completion time
10 minutes

Question 15
Which of the installed authentication modules is currently enabled?
Anonymous Authentication is the only one enabled currently

Question 16
What happens?
The IIS7 splash screen loads up

Question 17
Which authentication method is Internet Explorer currently using? How can you tell?
Anonymous Authentication because we set the IP range for our servers to allow access so it takes priority

Question 18

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