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STUDENT’s NAME: Linette Botana SPEECH #: 1

GENERAL PURPOSE: To demonstrate

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To demonstrate to my audience how to make a personal delicious fruit-vegetable salad. CENTRAL IDEA: It is Important to eat fruit and vegetable to my family, this is a tasty way to enjoy a good health.

1. Source(s): This recipe was handed down from my mother and has been a favorite of mine since I was little.

2. Visual Aid(s): A demonstrative film that shows how to make the recipe.

A. Attention Getting Device – Fruit-vegetable salad is an amazing refreshment with health benefits.
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A. Materials: To begin, you will need the following materials:
1. Large Mixing Bowl with lid.
2. Mixing spoon or spatula
B. Ingredients: The ingredients you need are:
1. 1 packet of Berry Medley
2. 1 packet of Spinach Mix salad
3. 1 cup of blue cheese
4. 1 bottle of Raspberry dressing
5. 1 packet of bacon
6. 1 packet of garlic croutons.
Transition: Now that we know our ingredients, we can begin with our steps to making the recipe.

C. 1. Open your packet of Spinach Mix salad, Berry Medley, may sure to be clean with water before.
2. Next, combine your packet of Berry Medley, a packet of Spinach Mix salad, a cup of bleu cheese, a bottle of Raspberry dressing, a packet of bacon and a packet garlic croutons in the large bowl.
3. Then, gently stir contents together.
4.Finally, enjoy!!
Transition: Now, let’s go over what we did today.
A. Summary – We learned how to make easy, fast and delicious fruit-vegetable salad in only a few steps.
B. Concluding Device – I wish that you will try to make this easy, delicious, and simple fruit- salad for your family and friends.

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