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A strategic alliance is partnership between two or more firms that combine financial, managerial, and technological resources and their distinctive competitive advantages to pursue mutual goals (Deresky, 2014). A strategic alliance can have a great impact on two organizations that they may not be able to achieve on their own. Catholic Charities, USA is the largest, private human services network in the United States, serving people of all religious, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds and Catholic Charities of Louisville, Inc. is the largest, private human services agency operated by the Archdiocese of Louisville. The Archdiocese of Louisville itself also comprises of twenty-four counties in Central Kentucky and serves a population of…show more content…
Banca Civica Group developed a unique model, civic banking, where customers are "citizens" and the bank discloses their earnings to them, the citizens designate where 30% of the bank's profits will be donated (Catholic Charities USA Signs Strategic Alliance with Banca Civica Group, 2010). It is a unique business model that is a key driver with their superior business performance and reputation. Another interesting strategic alliance involving Catholic Charities is with their partnership with the University of Notre Dame. Inspired by a common faith and a shared moral purpose, both will work together to utilize cutting-edge academic research and socially innovative techniques to create effective, scalable, and sustainable solutions (Alliance with the University of Notre Dame, n.d.). Catholic Charities is working close with the Mendoza College of Business and the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities to measure and examine the effectiveness and scalability of innovative anti-poverty programs and agencies associated with Catholic Charities will be able to attend a boot camp to help develop, refine, and present business plans for new or existing social ventures (Alliance with the University of Notre Dame, n.d.). I feel both of these strategic alliances fall in line with my suggestions and also provide
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