Workshop for Family and Child Development Practitioners

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List 6 Workshop Session Topics Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders and the Implications of Play Rationale: A child experiencing autism always gets challenged in the social life of play with his/her friends. For a developing child, it is important to equally socialize the same way as other students. The inclusion of this topic in the workshop session will give the practitioners a basic knowledge and understanding of techniques and strategies to support a child in participation during free play (Shannon, 2011). Materials and procedures: All the practitioners will get involved in group discussions and plays that they can easily engage in when they get back to assisting different individual children with the same problems. Inspiring…show more content…
This can only be possible through an effective observation and documentation of the child’s functioning. Such information would be important to the parent, practitioner, and even the community at large (Bloomquist, 2013). Materials and Procedures: The practitioners would be given real life examples to observe and document on different individuals during the workshop. Having Difficult Conversations with Parents Rationale: Every practitioner has an obligation of relaying information back to the parent of every child that they handle; this does not hide the fact that some parents are always adamant and difficult to convince of the behavior and changes in their children. This topic would help every practitioner to cub the challenge of reporting the child’s performance to the parents (Bloomquis, 2013). Materials and Procedures: The specialists will be taught on the basic communication principles together with barriers of adult-to-adult communication. Family Matters: Engaging Families in Child Care Settings Rationale: It is fundamental for the practitioners to connect freely with children, community and families of the children under their care. Through this, the practitioner will learn effective communication and public relation (Bloomquis, 2013). Materials and Procedures: Participants would be encouraged to inspire each other by sharing their passion,
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