World After 9/11 Research Paper

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The world after the 2001 September 11th terrorist attacks the had shifted the world towards completely shifted the attitude towards one religious group, Islam. Islam is a religion of either known from the media as religion of “peace” or a religion of “danger. The attacks in the world trade center left a devastating effect in american lives as it created a sense of vulnerability. hatred toward the Islamic religion grew as to the result of the attacks which led to changes in the world. Political reforms had been constructed to prevent any future terrorist attack from, occurring in the future. Attitudes towards Muslims had also significantly changed after 9-11 as racial profiling occurs in US borders as well a rise in hate crimes. Media organizations misrepresents the religion as a dangerous and radicalism religion. As has been noted all these changes toward the Islamic group are coming in a short amount of time, it had encouraged many to question their faiths.

After the attacks on the world trade center in September 11th, american society felt vulnerable as many citizens felt unsafe living in their own homes wondering whether there would be further terrorist attack. The fear of further terrorist attacks weren't only within ordinary citizens but also in politicians, as a result US government implemented laws which
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A sociologist, demographer and others had been studying Muslim youth after 9-11 found that many of had drifted away from their faith, distant themselves from their own communities, and even changing their names(Elliott). As the Americans have treated Islam as a dangerous religion and treat them as a evil force, the study of the experiment was a “tragic experiment in what happens when people are bumped from belonging from not belonging”(qtd. In Elliott).
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