World At Risk Assessment : Describe Aspects Of A Geographic Issue

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Describe aspects of a geographic issue
STUDENT NAME: Connor Nichols

PART ONE – Describe the nature of the geographic issue
Describe the issue: what it is, where it is happening, why it is happening, who it involves, how it effects people and the environment.
You must include a map showing the location of the issue (you may find one on the internet or construct it yourself). You may include any other visuals such as photos, diagrams, cartoons.
Global warming, waste, and pollution are big problems, but deforestation is one of the biggest. Deforestation is when large amounts of trees are cut down because of human wants. The leading cause of deforestation is cattle farming. Another big cause is the growth in population. This is a problem because the land becomes filled up with buildings that are occupied by large amounts of people. This leaves several people to be in need of homes. That is why the unused land in the rainforest is a good area to build. There are 3 main rainforests, Congo, Amazon, and the Indonesian rainforest. All these rainforests suffer from deforestation. The Amazon rainforest is the biggest and has a high amount of deforestation. The Amazon is located mostly in Brazil. This does not have such a big impact on a lot of humans yet. But the people it does affect are those who live in the rainforests. There are several tribes in the rainforest so when it is cut down it…
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