World At Work Re Certification

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World at Work Re-Certification
Projects – 2 per year – 1 credit each
Change in Health Care Benefit Providers – 11/3/2013 – The division had historically provided the same benefits as a sister company. These benefits were perceived to be more generous than those offered by the parent company. A week before open enrollment was to occur the large local health care network announced negotiations with our medical provider were not on track and they most likely would not be in-network providers in the coming year. This impacted an extremely large percentage of employee’s health care providers, thus employees would experience higher health care cost. I worked with our parent company to offer their benefits programs (Medical, Dental and Vision) to our employees. The project included coordinating census data between insurance companies, negotiating with headquarters to maintain existing premiums charged to employees, convincing employee that benefits offered by headquarters were just as good as prior benefits, and conducting the open enrollment within two weeks.
HRIS Migration – September 2013 – December 2013 – For compensation to be effective, the company has to have an effective delivery system. This project expanded my skills and knowledge of the behind the scene requirements for compensation to occur. Early in my career I had been through a conversion from one HRIS system to another. This project was different in that my division was in the pilot group and was one…
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