World Bank Reconstruction Role During The Leste 's Creating Problems

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World Bank reconstruction role in Timor-Leste creating problems (REFERENCE: The World Bank came to Timor-Leste in 1999, when the UN was still planning the intervention mission. The lack of attention given by the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor to economic development allowed the Bank to assume a central role. After the end of mass violence, the Bank and Fund visited Timor-Leste and conducted a joint assessment mission. This was done with little consultation with the Timorese people. There were several roles played by the Bank in the reconstruction and development effort in Timor-Leste: • through its supervision of the Trust Fund for Timor-Leste (TFET), the Bank funded…show more content…
This raises serious concerns both about unemployment in the agricultural sector and long-term food security. The Bank’s Community Empowerment Project aimed to establish transparent, democratic, and accountable local structures in rural areas to make decisions about development projects in a decentralised fashion. However the programme conflicted with traditional structures. Even though the Bank argues that its presence has reinforced the position of the government, the reality is that is has subordinated and marginalised it. Most of the Bank’s programme does not involve the government in the decision-making process, undermining the accountability of democratically elected representatives. In the end, the Bank’s presence has created problems rather than solving them. They could have avoided this by if they had consulted with the Timorese people. World Bank breaking its promise Rererene : New York Correspondent, Published: 2015-04-18 10:27:25.0 BdST Based on World Bank has caused the displacement of 3.4 million people despite its vociferous campaign against harming humans and nature, a study by 50 journalists from 21 countries has revealed. A report, in the US-based The Huffington Post, says four World Bank projects have led to the displacement of 84,408 people in Bangladesh alone. The report, titled ‘How the World Bank breaks its promise to protect the poor’, says the

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