World Bank and Poverty Essay

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Executive Summary
This research paper is focused on the role World Bank in Poverty Reduction, as the primary role of the World Bank is to enable development and progress in the backward countries and regions of this world. This paper explains the brief history of the World Bank, and World Bank’s five institutions. It also investigates how the World Bank is continually trying to reduce poverty by lending billions of dollars to poor countries .This paper gives some of the facts of the under-developed countries and the strategies which World Bank has incorporated to reduce the poverty in those countries.

The World Bank was incepted with the mission of achieving a world without poverty and to provide bare minimum living
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Healthcare initiatives and rebuilding nations affected by natural disasters are some of the primary areas of focus for the bank.

The Role of the World Bank in Poverty Reduction
The world is place which has both the rich and the poor masses. There are around 2.6 billion people in this world which make less than $1 a day. The repercussions of this extremity cause around 33000 children to die every day from hunger and diseases which could have been easily avoided otherwise. Statistics have shown that on an average at least one woman dies every minute during child birth. Poverty causes around 100 million children to not seek education. This involves a majority of girl children who are forced to drop out from schools since their families can’t afford to send them to school and provide education. Poverty causes a lot of derivatives or side effects in the life of the poor people. Due to lack of inadequate financing these people are left without proper health care, education, jobs and cause them to be vulnerable to corruption, violence and mental pressure leading to high number of suicide rates. The poor governance and waste of public resources due to inadequate management further worsens the situation. Figure1 below depicts the distribution of the percentage of people living under $1 per day. It’s quite evident that the
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