World Change-Personal Narrative

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I am a small carbon. I am so small that in all my life no one has ever noticed me. They may notice the things I’ve been a part of but never really me. I on the other hand only observe. I watch the world around me, and just like me the world has changed into many forms with many different colors. I’ve seen the world change from a block of ice, to a never ending forest, to an earthy wasteland with huge concrete and metal structures. I’ve seen the world change through many different lives. I start my story as coal. I was a simple piece of coal in the lithosphere for millions of years. As the centuries past people started giving me the title fossil fuel. And this name changed my world, people decided to dig me out of my earthy home. They brought…show more content…
As Co2 I can see the interests and beauty life has to offer. And in the forty years I’ve been in the Atmosphere I’ve found myself remembering the clam I protected so many years ago. So now I’m longing to be part of the living world. So through photosynthesis I become part of grass near a deer, and I’m quickly eaten. Now in every sense I am part of the deer. I now need to learn to adjust, for this will be the first time I’m in the biosphere, and see how much of the animal world I can be a part of while I’m here. Life in the Biosphere is so exciting, every day I see through this deer and everyday might be its last. I may be a measly carbon but I’ve felt the joys of maternity and of living because of this chapter in my life. For seven years I’ve been able to experience things I’ve only seen others do. Now since my deer has died from natural causes it has begun to decompose, and I am left to be absorbed into the soil. And I’ve become one with a soil bacterium. And I’m off to see what’s in store at the soil…show more content…
I spent millions of years in the hard wood of a Pinyon Pine Tree. And even now I can’t comprehend how peaceful it was. But one day that peace was ending when out of nowhere a landslide buried me for millions of years. But I am far from sad, in fact it’s the opposite, I’m ecstatic. As luck may have it, that landslide brought me back home. All those years of intense pressure and heat turned me into coal. I’m back in my long missed Lithosphere, and back to my true name of Fossil fuel, and I plan on making sure I’m never being separated from it
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