World Civilization

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Corteiz Callicutt – World Civilization I Final Exam During the late years of the Roman Empire, property owners and massive ones specifically took more authority in their land and workers in order to stay independent and self-sufficient regardless of the political decline in Rome from brutal attacks and weak corrupt government. As Rome fell, manorialism became a wide spread and accepted way for peasants to find jobs as well as being able to provide food for their families. Merchants were facing the risk of being attacked from both land and sea due to the lack of secure trade. As a result, the countries that were extremely dependent on trade struggled. Towns and cities where eventually destroyed by barbarians, which meant the upper class nobles had to move away to more rural areas throughout Europe.
Being that the new kingdoms weren’t united after the fall of the Roman Empire, this made it impossible for kingdoms to defend themselves from outside attacks and ultimately caused the rise of feudalism in Europe. Feudalism was more focused towards the political and social aspects of Europe where as manorialism was based on the economical aspect. In this system, the King would give land to the Lord in exchange for knights, money, and loyalty. The Lord would then provide land to the knights in exchange for their protection, loyalty, and military aid during times of war. The Knights would then provide serfs with protection, food, and housing in exchange for labor.
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