World Class Hornet Research Paper

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World Class Hornet’s Nest Charlotte, according to General Cornwallis “a hornet’s nest of rebellion.” Is on the verge of becoming world class. Listed as “gamma +” (linking a small economic region to the world economy) by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network; putting Charlotte in the same category as St. Petersburg, with Raleigh one grade below. But what is a world class city? Despite many different answers as to what composes one, there are a few standard traits that can be found such as: extensive public transit system, a populous international airport, Influence in political issues, prominent skyline, internationally renowned, and corporate headquarters. In order to raise Charlotte’s status to world class these are the steps I will take. Recently a new law has been passed with it followed impairment of Charlotte’s economy. The Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, better known as House Bill 2(HB2), not only impinge on Charlotte’s tourism, growth, and economy but North Carolina as a whole. Consequently North Carolina is now driving in the wrong direction on the road towards progress; dragging Charlotte behind. It is clear this is not optimal for developing a world class city; the last thing we need to do is exclude people. Several companies are reconsidering growth in Charlotte due to HB2: Paypal, Red Ventures, and Lionsgate to name a few. Remaining intransigent will not solve these issues hindering growth. Set back by this…show more content…
With 809,958 people living in Charlotte public transit is de rigueur; public transit gives people options on how to go to school, work, or the doctor as well as reduce congestion, and grow communities. After six months with no CEO, Charlotte Area Transit System(CATS) appointed John Lewis Jr.; he is experienced with public transit systems and enthusiastic for growth in Charlotte. Still there
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