World Englishes : Approaches, Issues, And Resources

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World Englishes 1 World Englishes: Approaches, Issues, and Resources Charlotte Liu & Karen Huang Dr. Sedique Popal Applied Linguistics April 30th, 2015 World Englishes 2 Introduction Nowadays, many people view English as a global language. With more and more people speak English as a second and foreign language. English speakers play an important role in international business and economics. The data shows that there are over 350 million people speak English as their first language around the world. It also shows that more than 430 million people use English as their second language. As people develop knowledge of Standard English like British English and American English, they may not hear of many other English varieties. World Englishes is a term that we use to describe different varieties of English and the varieties are developed in different territories or countries. It’s important for us to use the appropriate approach and understand the different varieties of English. Methodology The study of World Englishes involves interdisciplinary and integrative approaches and covers a variety of subjects and fields. Kachru (1992) listed the following approaches to the study of world Englishes: 1. The spread and stratification of English Based on the historical status and its social functions of English in the countries, Kachru (1992) describe varieties of World Englishes in terms of three circles: n In the Inner Circle, English is the first language and the language people
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