World Events in the late 1890s Essay

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1) In the 1890s, U.S. territory expansion changed from a westward march over contiguous territory meant to be settled; to an Imperialist policy to gain already populated colonies for military bases and trade posts. Prior to 1890, the United States was gaining territory to be settled by Americans and to possibly become future states. The frontier was now populated and opportunity was decreasing. Industrialization had increased productivity, and foreign markets were now essential. Europe was expanding quickly in Africa and Asia and there was concern about access to those markets. There was also a shift in public opinion of imperialism, away from viewing it as contradictory with republican ideals, and towards a moral duty to help backward nations and their people become more like the U.S., better. The U.S. became more involved in foreign affairs because it affected their continued success and growth. The Monroe Doctrine and Pan-Americanism reflected the goal of the U.S. reaching out influence beyond just its borders.

3) During the late 1800s, the United States reasserted the Monroe doctrine and promoted Pan-American interests. By supporting Cuban independence from Spain, participating in the Inter-American Conference, making reciprocity provisions in the McKinley Tariff Act, and being involved in the Venezuela-British Guiana border dispute, the U.S. showed a this change in foreign policy. Prior to this period, America had been isolationist, concentrating on domestic issues and…