World Food Crisis

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Microeconomics H.W. Assignment World Food Crisis Professor: Student: 2011 Food is the foundation of human live and people cannot survive without it. Food security is a vital issue facing the governments around the world. However, food shortage is becoming increasingly severe in this day and age. There are several reasons which led to the universal food shortage and they are interconnected to each other. Increasing world population, extreme weather and the wide spread use of biofuels are the main causes of worldwide shortage of food. These factors lead to food price rises rapidly. Global food crisis is being compounded by several causes such as growing population, extreme…show more content…
It takes about six months for higher grain prices to translate to higher cattle and hog prices. You can capture that potential upside right now…and you’ll be glad you did when you sit down to a good steak dinner a few months down the line. After all, it’s going to cost you more. [pic] [pic] [pic] Used websites:
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