World Football Weighted Orgasm Balls

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Today, kegel exercisers which strengthen pelvic floor muscles and result in spectacularly amazing orgasms have become all the rage. The most popular among these kegel exercisers is Shane’s World Football Weighted Orgasm Balls by California Exotic Novelties. Apart from producing subtle sensations throughout the day, these remarkable orgasm balls build up a powerful and exceedingly pleasurable orgasm, which satisfies not just the woman but also her partner. These are the orgasm balls one should wear to achieve sexual stimulation throughout the day without any interruptions. Experience endless pleasure with these uniquely shaped kegel exercisers.

How it works

Shane’s World Football Weighted Orgasm Balls by California Exotic Novelties as the name implies, are football shaped
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This kegel exerciser is brilliantly versatile, hence can be used vaginally, anally and by both men and women. Wearing this exerciser in public and outdoor locations is also a possibility as it is extremely discreet.


These two non vibrating weighted balls are made of phthalate free ABS plastic which is non toxic. Furthermore, their length is 2 inches, circumference is 4.5 inches, width is 1.25 inches and total weight is 3.68 ounces. This kegel exerciser is not powered by batteries hence; usability is enhanced as its functionality is not limited.

The smooth texture of this product helps one wear them over extended duration and achieve tremendous pleasure with ease. These waterproof balls truly give men and women a chance to express their love for the sport whilst they enhance their sexual performance and experience.

Dos and Don’ts

• Prior to insertion the use of an oil, water or silicone based lubricant is a must.
• After removal one cannot simply store them as cleansing these weighted orgasm balls with a sex toy cleaner is
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