World Health Organization

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World Health Organization The World Health Organization is a global organization that works on health conditions throughout the world. The WHO works with countries all over the world to help fix health policies to improve health conditions and the quality of life. The World Health Organization is currently working on fixing and improving mental health policies throughout the world. The World Health Organization works on addressing health related issues throughout the world; an important issue they are working on now is mental health. The World Health Organization is the United Nation’s authority for health. It was established in 1948 to help improve health condition throughout the world. The WHO is made up of 8,000 people from 150…show more content…
(Medical Schools and Nursing Colleges, 2010). One of the World Health Organization’s most recent areas of concern is addressing mental health. They are focusing on disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy and addictions. The WHO believes that mental and neurological disorders lead people to a great amount of suffering, dramatically increase their vulnerability, and lead individuals to a life of poverty. Many people are not aware and tend to discriminate against people with mental disorders. This discriminations leads to people having their human rights violated and them being stripped from opportunities that every other citizen has. If the proper steps are taken to help promote mental health, we will see a great improvement in the lives of people affected by mental illnesses by helping them to grow and be productive healthy members of society. In order for the World Health Organization to see these improvements they need to work with the governments of different countries to improve their laws and policies about mental illness. These policies need to help address proper treatment plans, prevention plans and awareness programs. One issue that the World Health Organization is working on fixing currently is the use of marijuana in adolescence. The World Health Organization has found that use of marijuana in individuals who started using the drug before the age of 17 has led them to
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