World Heritage Sites Analysis

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Angeles University Foundation Angeles City COLLEGE OF BUSINESSS AND ACCOUNTANCY Tourism Department WORLD HERITAGE ANALYSIS First Semester, A.Y. 2011-2012 Name : Shacel G. Reyes Score: _______________________ Course and Year: BS Tourism Management 2A Date: _______________________ Directions: Considering the World Heritage Sites you will visit in the Ilocos Region (Church of San Agustin in Paoay , La Asuncion dela Nuestra Senora in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur and the Historic Town of Vigan) find answers to the following questions by observing, interviewing, researching, etc. 1. What makes the Ilocandia a World Heritage Site?…show more content…
And lastly, (e) overwhelmed. Catching a glimpse of the place personally that are only shown in newspapers or television 13. How do the local people in the area help to protect the heritage values of these World Heritage Sites? Protection of the World Heritage sites depends on the support of the Ilocanos. Local people from Ilocandia can help protect the sites by not altering the meaning of their culture & by not building establishments that will ruin the beauty of the place. They respect and preserve what their ancestors value and their history. 14. What tourism services are offered to the visitors? The tourism services offered to the visitors in Ilocos are the souvenir shops, adventurous activity such as Sand Boarding in LaPaz Sand Dunes and the calesa riding in the heritage village. Calesas are still used in the heritage village in order to preserve the streets and the usage of calesas as a mode of transportation. 15. Why are these World Heritage places important? These World Heritage places are important because they were shaped by nature and history. These places are inheritance passed from one generation to the
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