World History Final Paper : Hammurabi Code

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Jason Kwan
World History Final paper
Hammurabi’s Code

“An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”, a famous phrase still used today and all throughout history that derives from another famous law code from ancient Mesopotamia written on a large 7 foot stone giving it a riveting look for all followers. The phrase “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” exemplifies the attribute of ancient time actions which is if you do wrong, wrong will be done to you and maybe more. If a man broke another’s bones than he as well should have his bones broken in return. The laws explained in the Code of Hammurabi are mostly the laws protecting land and property of an individual. The code of Hammurabi was written before the time of the bible which makes it the standing ground of most of the best works written.

The Hammurabi code consists of 282 laws written by Hammurabi himself and is cracked into a vertical stone pillar. Hammurabi is known to be the most fair and celebrated and knowledgeable kings of the Mesopotamian era. The reason for Hammurabi creating these 282 laws was to keep his kingdom in order and to help protect the people in it as well. Under Hammurabi rule, he was able to conquer other city/states and in order to keep these city-states and territories he needed to come up with a way to contain the order and keep the cities and what he did was come up with laws forbidding the people from hurting and damaging the image of a perfect society. It was said that the code
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