World History: Questions for Analysis

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Questions for Analysis 6 Page 327 #1-7 1. Consider how Baldric presents Pope Urban's reasons for calling for this holy war. If order of presentation and emphasis mean anything, what was, according to our chronicler, the pope's chief motive? According to Baldric's version of Pope Urban II's speech calling for holy war, the Pope's chief motive was to rescue or liberate Jerusalem from Muslim control, for the purpose of spreading Christianity (namely, Roman Catholicism.) Baldric wrote about the speech favorably, from a post-crusade perspective, biased by his support of the crusades and his knowledge of the victories achieved. 2. Consider also the myth of 1054 mentioned previously. How does Urban (or at least Baldric) envision the Christians of the East? Baldric viewed the Christians of the East as holy brethren -- people of Christ just like Catholics. He was disturbed that any Christ followers had to live in pagan territory. Although the conflict of 1054 did not in fact cause a schism between the two groups, there was still underlying tensions that gradually worsened to violent battles, beginning in 1095 with the First Crusade and continuing for centuries. 3. How well (or not) has the artist of the four-part miniature captured the spirit and message of Urban's crusade sermon as narrated by Baldric? Has the artist left out any important elements? The artist captured the message of Pope Urban's crusade sermon well, and it was likely an effective piece
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