World History Reflection

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On June 26th, I started my first online college class. I thought World History would be a great place to start and relatively easy course to pass. I had no idea how the class would make significant changes in my life. This class was far from a few easy credits I thought I would acquire in the short 8 weeks. The few weeks with Professor Jared Harrington increased my literacy towards topics I would have given up in the past. This class affected my world view, improved me as a student, a learner, enlightened my view on world religions, forced me to analyze information from readings, and helped me formulate my own thoughts. The amount of material covered in this course was immense and I now believe I have a better view of religion, its role in history, and where the world is heading due to all the historical events of the past. The first couple weeks of class were really interesting to me because we covered the first humans, the rise of ancient civilizations in Southern Asia, and the beginnings of religions that are still practiced today. The first society started in Mesopotamia in a lush, fertile, river valley. I learned about the Paleolithic Age, Neolithic Revolution, and the Mesolithic age. The Mesopotamian societies wanted to be able to explain things in nature so they created polytheism. This helped bring together a group of people who shared the same beliefs, forming a civilization. During the first couple of weeks, I learned of the major religions and philosophies we
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