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Aaron Chu 4/26/11
Global 4
A New World For China
China is in a state of foreign dominance. Europeans and Japanese are taking over its territory. The people have lost faith in their government and they want to start a new one. Revolutionary parties begin to rise and expand. They want their government to get rid of the Europeans and Japanese but they aren’t able to. They have to take matters into their own hands. The people are started to learn from the westerners and they want to modernize. They want the power to defend themselves. They want the power to be able to control their own people and reinforce their own laws. They don’t want Europeans or Japanese to think that China is a part of their own country. Peasants
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Despite committing to a constitutional order in China, Yuan was more interested in ensuring his own power. He proclaimed himself president for life. He didn’t care much about political issues and created the absence of a strong central government. Sun Yixian, a very outstanding spokesperson worked hard in order to maintain order. His speeches, though very influential and passionate, could not get into Yuan’s ear. Yuan left a fragmented political government into Sun’s hands. Sun struggled to form a workable government. With the president looked down upon by the people, Sun and his Guomindang (GMD) had formed. The GMD consisted of peasant and communists who wanted change but couldn’t get it due to the lack of effort Yuan had put into China. With China in turmoil still, the Japanese proposed the Twenty-One Demands, which was revised into the Thirteen Demands. Later that year, Yuan tries to restore the monarchy. With all the fighting, the government had no way of being stable. With Yuan’s death in 1917, civil war broke out between Beijing and Guangzhou governments.
Sun formed the Repulic of China Military Government in Guangzhou. Warlords began claiming territory across China. The May Fourth Movement then started. The May Fourth Movement was a movement shown by students of the discontent of the Shandong problem. The Shangdong problem was the abolition of all privileges of foreign powers in China, the rejection Twenty-One demands with the Japanese, and the return
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