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World History Research Paper WWII Espionage Justin Andrews Mr. Grosse World History 3/10/17 Espionage is the practice of using spies to collect information for political or military reasons and has been around since wars have been fought. Sun Tzu speaks about gathering intelligence and deception in The Art of War. The Egyptians had a large espionage service that has been recorded in books such as the Bible and the Liliad. Espionage is still being used to collect information today. The tools for spies and their missions have been extremely dangerous and creative ; World War Two is a great example of this. Rodent bombs were used by the Allies in an attempt to destroy enemy factories. They were dead rats that were filled with explosives…show more content…
These documents were crucial for their espionage. The SOE had a team for only forging documents. Operation mincemeat, in my opinion, is the most creative and most eventful operation during World War Two. In April of 1943 the body of a previously dead, homeless British man was placed off the coast of spain in a British soldier’s uniform. He had false information planted on him that was supposed to trick the Nazis. The Nazis thought that they had gotten information for where the Allies were going to invade and diverted all troops and tanks to greece. Right under their noses, the Allies planted information and successfully tricked the Nazis into going to greece when their real invasion was in Sicily with more than 150,000 troops in July 1943. Operation Gunnerside is a great example of the abilities of the Allied operatives. A small group of British trained operatives were tasked to blow up a Nazi controlled heavy water production site. Heavy water was needed for the production of atomic weapons, so the Allies thought it would be a good idea to prevent the Nazis from acquiring it. The aforementioned operatives parachuted onto a frozen plateau above the heavy water facility on the night of February 27, 1943. They then proceeded to ski to the site, while having to go down a gorge, cross a frozen river stream, and climb around the facility to bypass mines and sentries. They then entered the facility through the cable ducts

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