World History Volume Two The Easy Way Essay

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During the first four weeks of class, we have learned about a copious amount of material both in and out of the classroom. We discussed the topic of history as a whole, as well as the syllabus and expectations in the introductory class. In subsequent classes, we discussed topics including Christopher Columbus’s role as either an explorer or an exploiter, the significance of the slave and spice trade, and the reformation in Europe. Outside of class, we have read an abundant amount of information out the assigned book “World History Volume Two the Easy Way”. We have covered topics that span from the reformation in Europe all the way to the Spanish conquest in South America and the foundation of the thirteen colonies. We also have examined an article written by Mark Twain that ties in with the slavery segment which we covered in class. On the first day of class, we discussed the topic of history as a whole, and we also went over the typical subject of the syllabus. We agreed that history is the study and investigation of past events, and there are various sources that historians use to examine these events. Evidence from the past can include things such as written documents, oral records, birth and death records, and art. There are also numerous subsections of history that one can study. These specialized sections of history include, but are certainly not limited to concentrations in religious history, political history, economic history and even studies involving
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