World Issues : Personal Opinion

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World Issues: Personal Opinion Essay- The Positives of Colonialism: Colonialism has been portrayed as leaving negative impacts on countries, however many do not take into consideration the positives effects of colonization. The people of Africa established a mainstream religion to follow (Christianity), including new laws and a new political system. Countries bonded with one another and signed agreements to prevent conflict between countries. It has benefited many people that were illiterate; schools and education were given importance by the British, whether it was education in India or Africa all of them were given universal education. Colonization has brought many benefits to countries like Africa, Pakistan and India. Each country was given the opportunity to shape themselves, to be able to stand up on their own with British aid. Colonialism moulded the countries to what they are, and in return the British requested much less than the countries it supported. With the help of the British, countries managed to stabilize their justice systems, boost their economy, and introduce a new religion. People misunderstood the British because of the power they had and assumed that if they were to take over their land, they would lose all control over their country. However contradicting their common beliefs, countries remained to have control over their colonies and Britain continued to do its job as a provider. The power Britain encompassed provided countries with safety and
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