World Issues : Ronald Reagan

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Brandon Sandow
Mrs. Barone
English 10H
15 May 2016
World Issues: Ronald Reagan
Throughout history there have been many problems and issues in the world. During certain times of crisis, one man stood out from all the rest. This man 's name was Ronald Reagan. He was elected governor of California and was in office for eight years. Ronald Reagan tried to run for president two times and was unsuccessful, but then in 1980, he won the Republican presidential nomination. Ronald Reagan was the oldest president of the United States and he gained a lot of experience as governor of California. Ronald Reagan had to deal with obstacles, especially while running for President. He never gave up and kept trying. When Ronald Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt, he had to overcome the feeling of being scared and provided reassurances to the country. Mr. Reagan stayed strong and continued to be president. He showed courage and determination to bounce back. Ronald Reagan was a president who positively altered the world 's economic, political and social issues. He tried to fix world issues, such as the conflicts in Germany, Iran and many other regions, by meeting the leaders and making agreements. Also he made people feel a lot better about how the world issues were being handled by taking with pride and strong tone.
National Security is a very important concern in world issues, even today. Ronald Reagan was able to prevent war, protected our country during the Cold War and helped create
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