World Leaders

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Great World Leaders
Melissa Edwards
MGT 380 Leadership for Organizations
January 6, 2012

Great World Leaders When I think of great world leaders, certain characteristics and traits come to mind. For someone to be considered a great world leader, they need to have done something special, something that changed society in a major way. Great leaders are not afraid of change or being shunned by society. When I think of great world leaders, I think of Steve Jobs, Apple, CEO because he was passionate about his work, he was inspiring, and he had a clear vision of where he wanted Apple to go.
First, it is important that we discuss what leadership means. According to Weiss (2011), most scholars define leadership as “the ability to influence
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According to Lomas, Jobs held a retreat every year for the top Apple employees, where the focus was to discuss the company’s next moves. He would encourage everyone to throw out ideas for new designs and products. (2011). This leadership style is a great way to motivate employees and make them feel like they are part of the goal and not just doing the work of a leader.
These traits indicate that Steve Jobs’ leadership style was more transformational than transactional. Transformational leadership focuses on motivating and inspiring followers to work toward common or shared goals. Steve Jobs’ style of involving his employees in design concept had a positive and significant influence on product innovation and Apple as a company. In transactional leadership styles, the leader motivates followers by setting goals and providing rewards when these goals are set, but with transformational leadership, the leader arouses emotions in their employees, which motivates them to go beyond the minimum of what is needed to get the job done. Steve Jobs did this by not only being an innovative leader, but by also being a part of the team. According to Lomas, Jobs structured Apple as an “integrated whole” rather than a bunch of small departments.
Making Apple into an integrated whole meant divisions and departments were not competing against each other and wasting effort pulling in different directions. All effort was aligned under Jobs’
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