World Leaders Like President Obama Or The Pope From A Regular Citizen

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Alan Shia
Prof Doi.
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Power is what differentiate world leaders like President Barack Obama or the Pope from a regular citizen. The president of the United States of America are one of the most respected and powerful person in the world. They have a lot of responsibilities to attend to that they believe will make an impact to the people of the United States. In order to push laws through with what they believe in, the president uses the executive order. An executive order is given to the president and the executive branch through Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution. An executive order are orders, that are treated like the law, to executive branches and agencies. (Greensberg, 393) In this essay, I will be talking about the limits of the executive order, how they affect some ethnic groups and why we use it. First topic I will talk about is the limits to an executive order. Executive orders cannot be used only be used anywhere. An executive order can only be used for domestic affairs. Anything outside of the United States is called an executive agreement. Executive orders also have to go through the check and balances system. The check and balances system is to make sure that none of the three branches of government is more powerful than another. The congress has the ability to overturn an executive order. To overturn an executive order, you need two-thirds vote from both the senate and the house of representative. That is

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