World Literature Essay Number Two:

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World Literature Essay Number Two:

The symbolism of Blood and Water in the play “Blood Wedding”

The two word title of the play “Blood Wedding” by Frederico Garcia
Lorca presents both a contradiction and a concurrence. These themes
continue throughout the play, and the two words of the title are used
to capture the essence of the contrasting movements of its action. The
wedding symbolises the harmony of man and woman, and the continuation
of life. Blood too symbolises these things, however it also evokes
contrasting feelings of violence, death and destruction. Blood
represents the strength of the blood ties in families, and promotes
the sense of repeating history which is evident throughout the play,
as well as fertility and
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She is very
interested to know what the girl’s mother is like, and we learn from
the neighbour that “she was very proud”[2], and that “she never loved
her husband”[3]. This knowledge gives the audience a sense of
foreboding for the repetition of past events. We know that the
mother’s interest in the bride’s mother stems from her belief that
this blood relationship will show her what the girl is like. If we
accept this point of view, we believe that history may repeat itself,
and with the bridegroom already linked by his blood to murder and
killing doom seems inevitable.

Even the wife of Leonardo is a victim of the repetition of family
history. Before Leonardo runs away with the bride, the wife suspects
that he will not remain faithful, and referring to his lack of loyalty
to her she says “it happened to my mother, now it is happening to me”[4].
So there are four characters in the play who are afflicted by the
history of their ancestors. The bride’s mother never loved her
husband, the bridegroom’s father and older brother were both murdered
by members of the Felix family, Leonardo’s ancestors murdered members
of the bridegroom’s family, and the mother of Leonardo’s wife was also
deserted by her husband. All of these links clearly show the
importance of the blood line and the blood relationship in families
which is a constant theme throughout the play, while also creating a
strong sense of the inevitability of…