World Peace

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All the world over people crave for peace. The leaders and politicians of the world are trying to achieve world peace. But many difficulties come in the way. There is fear and suspicion among nations. Russia suspects the motives of American. America likewise does not trust Russia. Pakistan says that it is afraid of India. That is way she is aiming herself with latest weapons. Some countries are very much advance in science. Their economic condition is far superior to that of others. Such countries want to dominate weaker countries. They exploit them. This creates tension and other conflicts break out here and there. While peace has been established in Vietnam, the Middle East is still the danger spot of the world. Indian and Pakistan…show more content…
The statistics show that elimination of each gangster costs lives of around six civilians besides security personnel. It is tragic and appalling. Residents of the violence-wracked locality have been shifting to safer places to avert attacks. They are also faced with severe food shortage and continuous failure of electricity and gas supply. Who are these gangsters and criminals? The locality is considered to be bastion of Pakistan People’s Party and criminals against whom the targeted operation is being carried out were once considered beloved of the PPP top leadership. The PPP top leaders have not only been patronizing alleged goons like Uzair Jan Baloch but also declared them as heroes and champion of peace. Baloch was chief of defunct Peoples Aman Committee, an armed wing of the PPP Karachi chapter. Now, leadership of the PPP might have realized the fact that these people are actually bringing a bad name to the party. Uzair Bloch and his other notorious accomplices including Habib Jan Baloch and Zafar Baloch have quit the PPP in reaction to the operation against them. Having lived in Karachi for more than seven years, I personally know all these are infamous drug-pushers, extortionists and arms dealers. They have set up their own militias in the locality and are involved in smuggling different contrabands from Balochistan and Iran as well. Why are they so powerful? The goons have had their contacts in the corridors of power and they also grease palms of the
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