World Peace and Nuclear Powers

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World Peace and Nuclear Weapons By Naseer Ahmad Virk This article deals with one of the most debatable discussions of all time. Read on to know more about nuclear weapons pros and cons. Nuclear weapons have been in this world since World War 2 and have been used, till date only twice and that too in the same war we are speaking about. The only country to use nuclear weapons was the United States of America. The US dropped two atomic nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the world witnessed the power of the man-made nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons effects were such that millions of innocent people were killed and this brought the end of the World War 2. Scientists have long debated on the pros…show more content…
Nobody can predict how much dangerous the world will become when there would be no nuclear bombs. It is probably impossible to check the number of nuclear bombs in the world. Defense experts also say that it wouldn't be a wise decision to scrap all nuclear weapons when hostile states like Iran are about to acquire a nuclear bomb. Disadvantages: Use of nuclear weapons is immoral. We should try to prevent their growth. More the number of nuclear weapons made, more are the risks it poses to human life. Maintaining a nuclear bomb is very expensive. It takes a large share of the country's defense budget. Countries are more likely to have a civil war in which they can use nuclear weapons against each other, which could prove disastrous to the entire globe. Possession of nuclear weapons is an outdated manly symbol. Countries like Germany, Spain and Australia don't have any nuclear weapons, but are still popular as the US and UK. This elimination of nuclear weapons is practically impossible, but if we take a sincere effort, we might be able to make this planet free from nuclear weapons. I hope this article on nuclear weapons pros and cons helped you understand the various aspects of this destructive
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