World Petroleum, Inc.

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World Petroleum, Inc., is a large, international, publicly-traded energy company currently seeking growth opportunities abroad. Their latest interest is Afrinia, a small nation on the west coast of Africa with largely untapped resources. The area is divided into two sections, both geographically and socioculturally. The southern region is made up of grasslands, populated by the Abani tribe. The northern region is made up of rainforest, populated by the Banu tribe. These regions are joined together by the Afrinia River. The Banu people have always resented those belonging to the Abani tribe. The Abani, having easier access to higher education, quickly assumed the higher-raking government positions and corporate jobs after gaining independence from the British, repressing the Banu who, without access to education beyond grammar school, took up manual labor for farms, construction, mining, and heavily rely on the rainforest and the river for their livelihoods. Currently the natural resources, including but not limited to the crude oil and natural gas, are owned and controlled by the Afrinia government, which is dominated by the Abani people. This government has adopted a British structure from its British colonizers. It is a democratic government, but corruption is rampant. Bribery is expected from foreign investors for expedient facilitation and permits. The Carpenter family dominates the nation and shows little willingness to relinquish any power; however, the…
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